Actor. Singer-Songwriter. Creator.

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What’s up!

My name is Kyle and I’m an actor, singer-songwriter, editor, host, photographer…the list goes on…

But at heart I’m a storyteller and an adventurer.

I grew up in Rochester, NY (#BillsMafia) and received an AS in Film Studies before I moved to LA to get my acting degree from Pepperdine University. The goal: break into film and television.

But, as per the typical fashion, I had to first spend time figuring out how to do this “pay bills” thing. Though I was making music on the side as a singer-songwriter and got to play at some really cool places, I suddenly found myself where I didn’t want to be.

Behind a desk staring at spreadsheets.

“Wait…how’d this happen?!”

So I quit that job (later than I should have) and jumped into the world of the unknown with the encouragement of some really good friends.

But then came the next question: “Now what?”

Full disclosure: I had no idea what I was doing. But I knew it was better than spreadsheets. I did some random work here and there while spending all my time creating.

But then that “pay bills” thing reared its head again with my second wake up call. I’m running out of money…fast.

So I jumped into a life of full-time freelance work. I work 16-hour days to be a grown-ass man who takes care of business, pursuing what I believe I’m meant to do.

If you’re reading this far, know I deeply appreciate it and I’d love to meet you if I haven’t already. Shoot me an email, whether you wanna work with me or just say hi. I’d love to connect with you.


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Every two weeks I'll share with you things I like (podcasts, music, movies, books, etc.) as well as updates of what's happening.

(Optional: Birthday)