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We always love to hear your ideas for topics for the show! We can’t always make ‘em happen, but hey couldn’t hurt to ask right?

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    Click on the purple star on the video screen OR this link and select “Subscribe” at the top of your screen. Create a free account and select what tier you would like to subscribe to. Subscribers will receive a free unreleased song “Can’t Handle It” and badge next to their name in the chat. Kyle will reach out to you to provide instructions for receiving your free song.

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What’s “The LIVESHOW”?

We’re a live-streamed podcast sharing fun stories, philosophical musings, music, and, most importantly, YOU!

Do I have to chat?

Nope! Though we’d love to get to know you and get you plugged in with our community, there’s no pressure. Sit and listen all you want!

When is it on?

We are live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12pm-2pm PST.

What if I can’t watch the whole thing?

That’s totally alright! It’s meant to be something you can tune into whenever you want.

Can I request a song?


What is Twitch?

Twitch is typically a place for gamers to stream their gameplay to wide audiences. But it also hosts a growing number of musicians and podcasters.

What happens when I follow?

If you are regular Twitch user, you will see when we are live. Otherwise, it helps us gain in popularity on the platform.

What happens when I subscribe?

You will receive an unreleased song, “Can’t Handle It”, as a special thank you for your support. You will also receive a badge next to your name in the chat and the ability to use our mug collection emotes in the chat.

What do the different subscribe tiers mean?

It is simply differentiating how much you would like to give each month. The only difference are the number of mug emotes you have access to. But other than that, it’s really up to you.

What does “Cheer now to be #1” mean?

“Cheering” is another way of tipping using Twitch’s currency called “bits”. To buy bits, you need to click the “Get Bits” button at the top right-hand corner of the screen on Twitch and follow the steps. After that, to cheer during the stream, click on the diamond-shaped icon in the chat box and enter how much you would like to cheer. A fun animation will happen on screen and Kyle will receive your tip.

Why not just tip with real money?

We’re a fan of that too! Cheering is definitely a “Twitch-culture” thing, so if you’d like to skip all that shenanigans, you can follow the instructions at the link here. Don’t worry. You’ll get a fun animation also. :)

Why are you using Twitch as your platform?

Twitch makes it easy for listeners to support the channel through following, subscribing, and leaving tips. It is also newer to hosting podcasters, so we’re looking to get in on the ground floor of this growing platform.

You keep bringing up Discord during the stream…what is that?

Discord is a site that hosts chatrooms, typically used by the Twitch community. It’s a place for our community to gather together, get to know each other better, and share stories. Join the Discord channel and download the Discord app (Apple and Android) so you can get notifications on your phone when we are live.

Who is Kyle Rogan?

Find out here!