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What is Kyle Rogan?

Kyle Rogan is a creative brand focused on making incredibly enjoyable and original content through music, film, books, games, and anything else we love to do! We are an ever-expanding idea with the aim to bring quality, culture-shaping content through outrageous fun, deep relationships, and true adventure.

We have two goals: Live Life to the Full & Shape the Culture for Good.

Live Life to the Full: We believe people generally don’t pursue things that are actually life-giving and we want that to change. We think that one of the best ways to do that is for us to live “life to the full” ourselves and invest in the things that make us really come alive. Then we invite others to join us! Why invite others into something stupid? That’d be really lame…

Shape the Culture for Good: We believe that currently our culture is characterized by loneliness, fear, and self-centeredness. That sucks! We want to see more joy and adventure in America. We want to see deeper relationships in America. And we want to see a culture that builds people up. We believe that if a culture is genuinely characterized by those things, it will bring more good to more people. To do that, we work to make sure that everything we create can answer a resounding yes to these two questions:

Does It Bring Beauty?

( Does deepen friendships? Bring joy? Bring depth? Is it made masterfully? Call us to live better? )

Is It Honest?

( Does it reflect real life? Is it true? Is it personal? Is it right for what we do as a brand? )

We believe that if we can create content that can faithfully answer those two questions, then we are doing our job to bring good to our culture. So what do we do? In a nutshell: We create to shape culture for good.