We are currently in the development phase for our original table-top game “CelMates”. Inspired by games like Mafia, Werewolf, and The Resistance, “CelMates” is a highly social game involving deception and information gathering. We have recently entered the play-testing phase and look to launching a KickStarter campaign in several months to get the artwork designed and game manufactured for distribution. Definitely follow us on social media to keep an eye out for development updates.




[Untitled Novel]

We currently have book one of an untitled fictional trilogy in development.

Premise: Sam Casey wakes up in car wreck to find he is one of the few survivors of a massive robotic invasion that kidnapped nearly all of his city’s inhabitants. As he ventures to discover who caused the invasion and why help hasn’t arrived yet, Sam discovers some of the other survivors may know more than they are letting on.


The Writer’s Room

The Writer’s Room is a screenplay that is currently in development.

Logline: A group writers hired to write “plots” for heists find themselves the actors of a heist gone wrong.


The Direct Snap

The Direct Snap is a screenplay that is currently in development.

Logline: A dead high school football player returns as a ghost to make sure his depressed best friend doesn’t throw away his chance at the big league.