It's Like Herding Ducks Out Here

So much of what I am learning in building a company from scratch is the simple concept of doing.

It's something that Nike and Shia LaBeouf definitely got right: the need to "Just Do It".

Had a conversation with a member of my team the other week about following through on the things we were planning to do. It wasn't that she was being neglectful. But both of us were spending so much time trying to put things together and get all our ducks in a row that we weren't doing the most important thing: anything at all.


I typically prefer to have all my ducks in a row before stepping forward and doing something. It gives me a better sense of control, ownership, and vision for where to take said ducks. But that's the problem with ducks. They get restless and are always moving. The more and more I try to get these ducks in a row, the more ducks I find. So eventually I find myself spending all this time herding ducks to a single location, that I never take them anywhere.

So it's just me and a bunch of restless ducks, which is pretty useless.

And that's what I've been fighting. Even while writing this simple article I've been been tempted to just drop it and do something else. I think, "Eh, I'm not a fan of this picture, I should get a better one. I wonder how many times I'm going to need to proofread this? What's the point of writing this if only one or two people are going to see it?" So I have to force myself to trudge on.

In the second Might Ducks movie (aka cinematic gold), Gordon Bombay (played by Emilio Estevez) ties the entirety of his rambunctious hockey team together in an attempt to get them to work together. Though it did help set the direction and tone for the team, it didn't solve all of their problems. Eventually, he had to let the Ducks play hockey again. He had to let them do something and trust he could coach them more along the way.

I'm a much better visionary than I am doer and I am trying to change that. It is hard and I have to be really intentional. I have to be ok with not having all the ducks in order on the front end and trust that I'll be able to take care of the ducks I find along the way. Some things definitely need that perfect launch, but I think most things have the space (and permission) to be perfected along the way. And I am definitely learning to be ok with that. 

So I am going to leave this article right where it is now. 


Because it's Knuckle Puck Time.