Day 49 of Being Self-Employed

My contacts are burning my eyes from the three cups of coffee I drank in four hours. Maybe a little less caffeine so close together would help me concentrate a bit from all the jumping back and forth I've been doing in my research today.

And that's what a lot of the past 49 days has been: Research.

Learn as much as I can in as much as I can.

The beauty of self-employment is that I can obsess over learning something for as long as long as I can concentrate. This has ranged from bouncing between five minute videos on marketing to learning everything I can about for ten hours straight.

I'm not kidding. Ten hours.

Once I learned the potential of what these online streamers can do, I needed to learn everything I could about it before launching my own channel with "The LIVESHOW". I just held my seventh livestream today and am slowly but surely building an audience. And I'm loving it.

The biggest thing for me right now is how to keep the wheels turning to gain as much traction as possible. And I've found that the answer is learning. Watching short videos on something that peaks my interest. Reading books on things I want to develop my own philosophy over. It's these mental stimulations that are like defibrillators to my soul.

Another shock and I come alive to create, to build, to wonder, to dream.

And, if I want to try to be a more intelligent Michael Scott (he's holding a defibrillator here in an amazing deleted scene), I can build index up my go-to places for learning. SkillShare and YouTube have been huge.

So that's all for now, folks. Back to the grind.

But seriously, find something that can wake you up and get you creating.