"Carpet Bomb"​ Creations

"They say the best weapon is one you never have to fire. I respectfully disagree. I prefer the weapon you only have to fire once."

I remember hearing Robert Downey Jr. say that iconic phrase in the trailer for the first Iron Man movie. When I saw it in theatre with some high school buddies back in 2008, I remember we squirmed in our seats with excitement to see this dude blow stuff up with all the savvy of the world. And the "Jericho Missile" (pictured above) was indeed amazing to watch.

The other day, I had a mental image of something like the Jericho Missile carpet bomb in relation to what we're building. This idea of launching several rockets at once for a particular target. 

As I look at the Task Status list I always have next to me, I see each one of those projects as its own rocket. I visualize each rocket as needing to be carefully tended to, aimed, fired, and then maintained in its trajectory so that it will have the greatest impact.

Now we're obviously not making rockets and while it may seem easier to try to focus on one big project, I'm much more inclined to the carpet-bomb technique. This is partially due to the diversity of my interests, but also at the prospect of watching each of those rockets land one after another slowly growing in its impact.

Not only that, but there is always something to be excited about! As one project slows through the monotony of solving technical issues, another has moved on to the next level of production. It's hard to be discouraged for long when there are so many other things to be encouraged about. It's almost as if we are building our own internal support system. A bicycle where while one pedal hangs limp waiting for the next propulsion, the other chugging forward with great fervor!

But of course this means that we need to play the long game, which is something I've finally learned to be ok with (mostly, haha). The reality that projects we embark on today won't be finished by the end of the year even and that's ok. It's what it is. 

It's about being diligent to what can be accomplished today.

This is why my Task Status list had grown to be one of my favorite things. Each category has a small sub-list of to-do's on what it takes to simply take the next step. And as we continue to build, I am excited to watch all these "rockets" get closer and closer to being completed and having the impact we hope to create.