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Who is Kyle Rogan?

I am a storyteller, singer, writer, musician, friend, game designer, director, photographer, actor, lifelong adventurer, and creator of my own brand.

For several years I was working a desk job as the “Jim Halpert” of the office, trying to keep myself entertained by making my co-workers laugh and/or drive them crazy. I was very good at it. During that time, I had a “side-hustle” going on as a singer-songwriter and released a few records and music videos. I had gotten my degrees in Film Studies and Acting, so I tried to do as much creative stuff in my free time as I could. But, as it often goes, life got pretty draining.

I had a good friend ask me, “Kyle, what do you want?” And honestly it was incredibly difficult to answer. I listed several things struggling to figure out what I could see myself doing for the rest of my life, until he just said, “Do it all.”

And that’s when it hit me. I’m not designed to do one type of work the rest of my life. I’ve got a lot going on inside this brain of mine and it’s definitely not meant to sit behind a desk. And over the course of a few months, I had other close friends tell me the same thing. After a while, I had an incredibly original thought: “What if I could make a living off doing what I love?”

Ground-breaking. I know.

So I left my day job (leaving my co-workers about a hundred mp3s of me making weird sounds so that they’d miss me) and ventured into the world of building….

…what exactly?

It took me a while, but eventually I figured it out. My own company. An umbrella under which I can really invest in the stuff that gets me going. My biggest desires are to live life to the full and bring good to the culture I’ve grown up in (USA baby!) . So basically, I’m working my butt off to do just that.

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What is Kyle Rogan?

Kyle Rogan is a creative brand focused on making incredibly enjoyable and original content through music, film, books, games, and anything else we love to do! We are an ever-expanding idea with the aim to bring quality, culture-shaping content through outrageous fun, deep relationships, and true adventure.

We have two goals: Live Life to the Full & Shape the Culture for Good.

Live Life to the Full: We believe people generally don’t pursue things that are actually life-giving and we want that to change. We think that one of the best ways to do that is for us to live “life to the full” ourselves and invest in the things that make us really come alive. Then we invite others to join us! Why invite others into something stupid? That’d be really lame…

Shape the Culture for Good: We believe that currently our culture is characterized by loneliness, fear, and self-centeredness. That sucks! We want to see more joy and adventure in America. We want to see deeper relationships in America. And we want to see a culture that builds people up. We believe that if a culture is genuinely characterized by those things, it will bring more good to more people. To do that, we work to make sure that everything we create can answer a resounding yes to these two questions:

Does It Bring Beauty?

( Does deepen friendships? Bring joy? Bring depth? Is it made masterfully? Call us to live better? )

Is It Honest?

( Does it reflect real life? Is it true? Is it personal? Is it right for what we do as a brand? )

We believe that if we can create content that can faithfully answer those two questions, then we are doing our job to bring good to our culture. So what do we do? In a nutshell: We create to shape culture for good.



So glad you read that question and inadvertently asked! Lots of things! It’s best to follow our social media accounts for the most up-to-date information, BUT here’s the summary:

PODCAST: We are sharing stories, philosophical musings and music on our live podcast, “The LIVESHOW”, three days a week . (Learn more here.)

BLOG: Every Monday we release a new article on our blog ranging from fun stories to lessons we are learning along the way. (Learn more here.)

MUSIC: We recently released a new single “Thunderclouds” in anticipation for a new EP to be released in Summer 2019. We’re investing in making great music videos, touring often, and building our merchandising line. (Learn more here.)

GAMES: We have one original table-top game, “CelMates”, currently in development. (Learn more here.)

WRITING: We currently have a novel and two screenplays in development. (Learn more here.)

FILM: We are building our network and experience through collaboration with other filmmakers as well as developing our own content (music videos, short films, and, eventually, features). (Watch some of our music videos here.)

NEWSLETTER: We send out a biweekly email with things we like (music, movies, podcasts, etc.) as well as company updates. (Sign up here.)

CLASSES: Through the platform SkillShare, subscribers may partake in the various classes we have created for songwriting and more! (Learn more here.)

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We want Kyle Rogan to be a staple of American culture where it’s hard to remember what life was like before it existed. As a result of our work towards shaping the culture, we want Americans to be known around the world for their joy, genuine care for people, and outrageous generosity. We want to see other companies take up our model of creating incredible work cultures and being crazy generous in order to bring more good not only in the U.S. but also out to the world!